Architect built the ugliest house for himself. Neighbours rage

Architect built the ugliest house for himself. Neighbours rage
10. 2. 2022

From outside hovel and construction place, inside minimalist luxury. So that villa is unique, it does not need to have water taps from gold. Villa in Potsdam laughs at petite bourgeoisie imaginations about appearance of spectacular house. Rough aesthetics of the house did not find understanding by its closest neighbours.

Known Berlin architect Arno Brandlhuber, who leads his office Brandlhuber+, irritates materialistically established society with his own attitude to living.

Villa stays in residential quarter of Brandenburg Potsdam, with view over lake Krampnitzsee. Arno Brandlhuber cooperated with his colleagues Markus Emde and Thomas Schneider and finished villa in autumn 2014. They named it: Antivilla.

House, which was used as textile factory where underwear sewed from 60th years of last century, underwent huge changes. Architects decided for seemingly more radical – but in reality, more modest form of reconstruction – than usual conversions from industrial buildings to living space.

They removed original saddle roof from asbestos and left it only as walking surface. Inside the factory they demolished all non-load-bearing partitions and created generous open spaces.

They broke down almost 5-meter big window openings which right now look the same way as the they left them. When staying indoors and looking at lake (framed by torn masonry), you find out how poetic result of unusual construction methods inhabitants of villa enjoy.

The house with area of 230 square meters has space for an art gallery and also architect’s private apartment. It consists of one big interconnected space with separated bathroom, kitchen unit, and sauna. In the garden there stays next – smaller reconstructed object – designed for permanent living. Its look is not that radical as new face of the old factory hall.

The construction of Antivilla is economically balanced. During winter months for example fireplace heats smaller – only 50 square meters big – part of house so that operating costs do not have to unnecessarily increase.

The interiors are dominated by exposed concrete and glass. The kitchen, fireplace and stairs are made of bare concrete. The chairs and furniture are from white plastics. Space flooded with daylight helps to divide and define white flowing textile curtains and PVC, which wind organically throughout the house. Everything is complemented by fragile glass chandeliers and tables, which enhance the touch of minimalist luxury which will be appreciated only by real connoisseurs.

Thanks to his many years of cooperation with a number of artists for whom he built houses and studios, Brandlhuber gained unique art works that adorn interior of his villa. The work was devoted to him for example by current Berlin artist Gregor Hildenbrandt who created black parquet painting from his favourite material – tapes from old audio cassettes, or by conceptual artist Kartin Sander.

Negotiations with authorities regarding realization of new appearance of the house definitely was not smooth. Construction took 4 years. The neighbours are not thrilled with house appearance. They tell reporters who visit villa in a quite suburb that they refuse the building. It does not fit here and do not make them happy.

Architectural firm Brandlhuber+ through its spokeswoman Marie Hudl says that you will get the best view of the house and new face of architecture only during your own visit and cordially invites everyone to visit Antivilla in Rotkelchenweg 25 in Potsdam.