About us

We are a construction and development company based in Šmejkalka, and our goal is to restore Žabovřeská to its original shine and beauty. We grew up here since we were little and our fathers here they built houses not only for us, i.e. their children, but also for some of you, and we want to continue their tradition. We don't want houses and flats to turn into some modern impersonal rental spaces under the hands of big developers. We want to give back to houses, their facades, layouts and direct surroundings, their original and family character.

If you are considering renovating, selling or buying a new property in 'our' neighborhood, let us know. Do not fall into the clutches of multinationals companies and large real estate companies that are only interested in scoreboards. Consult with us on how best to evaluate or restore the shine of your apartment or house and together we can create a more pleasant living not only for us, but also for our descendants.

Project activity in construction

Project activity in construction

  • Project documentation for territorial and constructional proceedings
  • Project documentation of implementation
  • Author supervision
  • Investor’s technical supervision
Real Estate

Real Estate

  • Mediation of sale or rent of property
  • Preparation of documents for the declaration of property owners
  • Ensuring of expert’s real estate opinion
  • Real estate management
  • Legal service
  • Sale of developer projects
Construction of buildings

Construction of buildings

  • Detached houses
  • Blocks of flats
  • Polyfunctional architecture
  • Industrial buildings
  • Civic amenity buildings
  • Outdoor architecture
Professional studies

Professional studies

  • Architectural study
  • Ensuring of constructional and technical research
  • Ensuring hydrogeological research
  • Real estate usability study